Country: US Virgin Islands
Employment Type: Intern
Contract Length: 2-4 Weeks
Compensation: Unpaid
Non Profit: Yes
Industry: Conservation and Preservation Education Marine Biology Sustainable Development Tourism
Job Qualifications
  • Willingness to learn
  • Enjoy working with children
  • Good physical condition (ie comfortable swimming/snorkeling)
  • Pass government background check
  • Travel insurance

Job Benefits

  • Accommodations on sailing vessel
  • Food during program
  • Learn to sail
  • Learn about marine conservation
  • Gain teaching skills

Company Description

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to inspire passion through ocean education and stewardship to create positive change. These goals are accomplished by bringing together interns who are dedicated, creative, and unique individuals from all over the world for the benefit of youth from underserved communities.
We provide a free hands-on marine science education program to give these youth an experience which will help them gain a greater opportunity to protect, learn, and develop an increased understanding of their environment. Our company was founded in 2008 and we are dedicated to serving youth in the US Virgin Islands. We aim to help coastal areas to boost eco-tourism and help ensure the health of the environment in the future.

Job Description

As an intern you will learn integral teaching methods in order to provide educational experiences for underserved youths. During the program you will be staying on a sailboat with your fellow interns. Experience in sailing is not required, but the desire to learn is! The internship will begin with a training week, we will be sailing and exploring around the area without students.

This time will allow for training in many of our marine science classes, to learn the basics of sailing and to further strengthen your teaching skills. You will be taught how to provide a hands-on learning experience to the students including snorkeling, sailing, navigation, and more. The program will run from July 5th-30th, and you will spend your time there teaching and exploring the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas and St. John are the main islands you will be visiting. These islands are popular tourist destinations and very safe.

They have a strong local population and the primary language of the Islands is English. The waters around the Islands are beautiful and are home to many fish, turtles, sharks, and amazing coral reef systems. The program cost is $4500, which includes boat accommodations, sailing and educational science training, and food for the entirety of trip as well as making the program free for the youth we serve.