Job Opening: Sales Manager – Vancouver Canada

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Brief description of the job

To develop sales programs, set and meet KPIs, and lead sales team members, we are seeking a Sales Manager with excellent communication and leadership skills.


Date published: 20/12/2022

Hours: Full-time

Sales is the job field


The responsibilities

Recruit and train new sales officers for the sales team.

Monitor the performance of sales team members with KPIs.

To ensure consistency in the delivery of sales pitches to clients, collaborate with the marketing department and upper management.

Every month, achieve growth and sales KPIs for the company.

Establish and promote powerful and seminal relationships with customers by understanding their wants and needs.

Ensure the company’s strong presence by developing and executing strategic business plans.

Be able to identify emerging markets and shifts in the market, while staying up-to-date on emerging products and competitors.

Management should receive reports on sales, expenses, and revenue including forecasts.

Improve sales performance and procedures based on feedback from clients.

Develop and manage budgets for sales officers regarding travel and other presentation-related costs.

Provide sales employees with assistance in generating leads and closing new deals.

Increase revenue by developing and implementing new sales initiatives, methods, and programs.


The requirements

A bachelor’s degree in any field is required

Sales experience of 7+ years

A leadership role in sales for more than two years

Experience developing sales pitches and processes from start to finish

Attending seminars and traveling

Communication and presentation skills that are strong

Ability to train others well

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