LIFE HACKS: Take Care of Your Sneakers With These Tricks

From Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reeboks, Yeezy, Balenciaga to Prada, we all love to wear Shoes because they look good and improve our looks. When sneakers are well taken care of, they dramatically enhance your looks but if they reverse is the case, it can mess up your looks. So we thought we should help you take care of your sneakers with these tricks.

1. Waterproof Sneakers

Sneakers feels comfortable on your feet when they’re dry and trust me you won’t feel comfortable if they’re wet or sticky. So why don’t you spray some waterproof product on your sneakers to prevent it from getting wet. These sprays are available in stores both online and offline. Kiwi is a good brand that have been known to produce good shoe products like polish and sprays and so Kiwi Waterproof spray would be a good choice. However there are other waterproof spray under $15 that you May like, so be sure to check them out on amazon or eBay. But if you don’t have a waterproof spray, you can use a candle wax. Just rub the wax on the shoe and it prevents water from getting into it

2. Choose the Right sneaker color

While sneakers enhance your looks, it can mess your looks up if you don’t wear the Right color. You don’t need to be told to know the right sneakers color to match with your outfits. Whether it’s Prada or Nike or Whatever brand you choose to wear, make sure you pick the right color. If you’re not sure of the right colors, go on Google and search for fashion ideas from good looking guys that knows how to dress good. See what colors of sneakers they match with their cloths and see how it looks on them and maybe you can pick up ideas from there.

3. Wear Shoe Liners

Shoe liners are great to avoid getting blisters or infection resulting from sweat and heat. It can be really uncomfortable to get sweat or heat between your shoe and your feet. You can stop the sweat or heat by Wearing shoe liners on your feet before you wear your shoe.

4. Enlarge Your Tight Shoes


Did you purchase that good looking sneakers but discovered that it’s not your size? perhaps it’s a little tight? don’t panic, you can enlarge the shoe by taking a nylon and filling it with water, tie nylon and place them in your shoe. put the shoes in the freezer and when the water in the nylon becomes iced, it pushes the sneaker wider and enlarges it to your size. Cool isn’t it?

5. Keep White Sneakers Clean


White Sneakers looks good on you when taken care of but when it turns grey, you wouldn’t like that will you. Sometimes it’s not your fault that it turned grey as white sneakers are known to lose quality or color over time. if your white sneakers are not as pure as it used to be, get an old toothbrush that you no longer use, get hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Mix them together with water and dip the toothbrush in it. Use the toothbush to scrub your old sneakers and watch it glow once again.

6. Keep Leather Shoes New

leather shoes looks great too but with time, it loses its quality and starts fading. to bring back that leather shoe that is getting faded but you still love, get some vinegar and water and mix them in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your shoes and scrub with a brush. Congratulations, your leather shoe is back again. Another way is to use banana peels. Rub the banana peel on the shoe and clean it after with a soft tissue paper.

7. Remove Gum Stains

It can be annoying when you have that gum stain on or under your sneakers that Won’t go off easily and when you try to get it off, it gets more sticky and you get pissed off. To remove the gums easily, put some Ice on the gum stain, the ice will melt the gum and you should be able to get the gum off easily now.

Hope you find these tips helpful.