READ: How Automatic Braking System Works

In this century, we have seen a lot of technologies we didnt think was possible. most of these technologies existed back in the days but just got advanced while some are totally new and Automatic Braking System is one of them.

Automatic Braking System is designed to minimize the injury or severity of an accident or even prevent one by putting the car to stop. Although the braking system varies; some just slow the speed of the car to avoid collision while the advanced type puts the car to a complete stop.

It uses some kind of radar technology to detect and track the object ahead of it, it then makes a decision as when to hit the brakes automatically without human intervention.


Some emergency braking system are able to detect vehicles only while the advanced ones detects both vehicles and pedestrians, animals etc. depending on the software and how it was programmed to work.

Although not all cars have this technology because some automakers haven’t started including it in their autos and according to South California Automotive Research Center Manager “Automatic emergency braking systems have the potential to drastically reduce the risk of injury from a crash. When traveling at 30 mph, a speed reduction of just 10 mph can reduce the energy of crash impact by more than 50 percent.”

Every automaker has a different name for it, they may not call it Automatic Braking System. it uses cameras mounted on the body to detect objects and then detects that you are not taking any action and then takes law into its hands by applying the brakes automatically and then notifies you of the danger.

In 2017, Auto makers like the Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Toyota and Volvo already included the Automatic Braking System In over 50% of their Auto. Nissan also made all their 2018 model of cars with the Automatic Braking System and by 2022, Almost all Auto Makers would have include it in all their vehicles.  Below is the list of some cars with the Automatic Braking System as standard;

  • Audi A5
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Rav 4
  • Nissan Murano
  • Mercedes Benz E-Class

Automatic Braking System has been known to reduce accident most of the times but drivers still need to be careful on the road