READ: Top 6 Fashion Hacks For Men

Top 6 Fashion Hacks For Men

Girls or Ladies love men that are well dressed. This is no news to you as you may already know. Well if you already know, why not invest more in your looks? A few bucks can spice you up and instantly make you good looking. You May think these girls don’t notice your looks and dresses but the fact is they all do and Seriously you deserve more good looks than you already have don’t you think? If you agree with that, let’s take a look at top 5 fashion hacks for men that you will love.

1. Use Sunglasses

Aside the fact that sunglasses protect your eyes from dirts, impurities and Sun Rays, it looks good on you also. Like seriously you can’t imagine how good looking you are when you dress good and add a pair of sunglass. And the cool thing about sunglasses is that you can pick a pair for few bucks so why not hop into a store and get one for yourself. Any color of lens you wear looks cool but dark shades look better as they enhance your masculinity. If you look around, you can barely see anyone using sunglasses so make a difference today and start wearing one.

2. Wear Watches

Leaving your hands empty? Really? Cmon you can do better than that. Why not wear a watch as they are easy and affordable to get. These days for few bucks you can get a good watch too. I can tell you that 60% of men still don’t wear watch these days and it’s not really cool not to. With little effort, you can instantly transform from a simple looking person to a hot person so try and add it to your collection as it shows that you are manly and you know how to take care of yourself and I’m sure you know ladies love men who knows how to take care of themselves.

3. Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

Now don’t get stingy and greedy here, it’s bad of you. Go to your wardrobe and take a look at it, there must be that shirt or trouser or shoe that you barely wear or don’t even wear at all. Why not give them out for charity instead of leaving them in your wardrobe and making it look stuffy. the good thing about getting rid of your old clothes is that you get the chance to buy new ones and also when you give them out for charity, the less privileged who don’t have that luxury like you do will be grateful you gave out.

4. Stop Folding your Clothes Horizontally

Not only does this makes your wardrobe looks neat and tidy, it gives you room to add more clothes to the wardrobe. Think about this, when you have to travel and you are packing your bags, it may get filled up real quick if you fold them horizontally and you become frustrated as you still have lots of things to Add to it. instead of folding them horizontally, fold them vertically. This is going to save you some space to add more stuff to your travel pack or your wardrobe and also makes your clothes more accessible so if you’ve been folding the clothes horizontally, start folding them vertically.

5. Wear the Right Size of Clothes

This is a thing that people barely take serious and it’s wrong for you to wear a cloth contrary to your size. If oversized cloths looks good on your friends, that doesn’t mean it will look good on you and if fitted clothes looks good on you, go for it. Know your size and type and go for it.

6. Wear the Right Color Combination

As a man you ought to know the right color combination that makes you look matured. Avoid mixing colors that don’t match. for example a blue shirt on a pink trouser, how does it sound to you? Childish right? How about a black trouser on a black shirt or a white shirt on a black trouser, looks cool right? that’s what we are talking about. As a man that invests in his looks, avoid wearing the wrong color combination.

So these are the top 6 fashion hacks for men that we’ve got for you. Whatever you do, make sure you look good.