What Causes Fungus Toenails and How Is It Treated? What Is Good For Foot Fungus?

What causes athlete’s foot and how does it go away?

Foot fungus occurs due to several reasons and you need to apply the treatment immediately. Alright, What causes athlete’s foot and how is it treated? What is good for foot fungus? Do you know these? Let’s talk about the details of these right away…

What is Foot Fungus? What are the symptoms?

Before we get into the details, let’s talk about what foot fungus is. A fungus is a fungal infection that causes itching and a bright red rash on the feet. For this reason, it is quite disturbing.

It causes peeling, burning sensation, redness, blistering or itching on your skin, foot area. There are several types of athlete’s foot. Here are the most common types of athlete’s foot:

  1. Toenail fungi: It is the most common. It occurs between the smallest toes.
  2. Loafers: If left untreated, it will enlarge and thicken. There is a possibility of spreading to the entire sole of the foot. It can cause dryness or itching in the feet.
  3. Bubbly: This type of athlete’s foot is the least common. It occurs when the skin collects water under the feet and the blisters suddenly burst. If you do not treat it, it will spread.

In addition, we need to move on to another important question: What are the symptoms of athlete’s foot? Let’s see together:

  • red rashes
  • bad odors
  • Dandruff on the soles of the feet
  • Formation of benefits that collect water inside the feet
  • burning sensation
  • itchy feet

If you see these symptoms, it means you have a fungus on your feet. It will be beneficial for you to take immediate action.

What Causes Foot Fungus?

What causes this fungal infection? Now let’s take a look at that and find out what we should do.

  1. diabetes disease
  2. Wearing tight and closed shoes
  3. leaving feet wet after showering
  4. Humid or hot environments
  5. Not wearing protective shoes in common areas
  6. Commonly used manicure pedicure tools in places such as hairdressers
  7. you have low immunity

If you have experienced at least one of these situations, you may have athlete’s foot. But don’t worry, you can get out of this situation as soon as possible.

How is Foot Fungus Transmitted? What’s Good?

Here we come to the most important topic: How does athlete’s foot heal and what is good for athlete’s foot? Follow the advice we will give you regularly and watch how your fungus shrinks and disappears…

  1. Henna: Yes, henna is very effective in getting rid of the fungus. You can get rid of this situation by applying henna on your feet.
  2. Carbonated Water: The mixture of baking soda and water is one of the most effective methods. Soak your feet in carbonated water for a while. When you do this a few times, you will see the benefits very clearly.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: As an herbal method, tea tree oil is recommended by İbrahim Saracoğlu. Massage tea tree oil into your feet. You will see that it destroys your mushrooms.
  4. Lemon Oil: Another herbal method is lemon oil. Since it has a refreshing smell, it eliminates the bad odor on the feet and relaxes the area. You can try massaging your feet with lemon oil after each bath.

Have you tried all these methods but it didn’t work? Then you may ask the question: Which part deals with athlete’s foot? You need to go to the dermatologist. Thus, he will provide you with the best treatment and will relieve you of this discomfort that you cannot have at home in a short time.

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